Easy to Use

Simply attach one Super Stacker to each end of any standard or bi-fold door. Convenient handles make it easy to finish both sides of each door in only one application. Unique interlocking tabs allow two people to quickly transport, properly space and neatly stack painted doors as they dry. 


Save Space

Up to 16 painted doors can be stored or transported flat in a 4 foot by 7 foot area, taking up only 28 square feet of your valuable shop space. It’s that easy.


Save Money

The cost savings that this product has to offer is unmatched.


With the Super Stacker Door Finishing System you will never need to find wall space to lean your doors against or use extra space in your shop where you could be working on other projects. You don’t have to paint or stain one side of a door and wait for it to dry, to finish the other side. You will never have to mask hinges and paint or stain doors in place, risking runs, dings, timely touch-ups and simply a poorly finished product.