“The Super Stackers enabled Adix Painting to capture the Top Job Award of Phoenix (see link below). The stackers allowed me to spray the doors horizontally for proper millage and an excellent finished product. They also make it possible to easily transport doors without causing damage so we were able to spray doors off site. This is the only system I have found that is capable of handling a solid core door. Highly recommend.”

Steven Adickes, President/Owner Adix Painting, Phoenix, AZ

“I am a small painting contractor in Sacramento. I was tired of zig zagging doors, tacking stir sticks to the tops of doors, looking for a room big enough to spray all the doors in or spray three or four doors in each bed room.  My more inexperienced employees might bump the doors when cleaning up, or drag a spray line up against a door. Another thing was spraying doors and having rosin paper, plastic or masking paper stick to the bottom of the door. I don’t like to zig zag doors because they are not stable.

The new system is very streamline, and doesn’t take as much space, I can spray in the garage and stack in the home in a nice warm room. They were a good investment.”

Mike Cano, owner Cano Painting, Sacramento CA

“As a Finishing Manager at Allegheny Millwork we are constantly looking for fast convenient ways to finish doors and 2 sided material.  Some jobs are small with 3-5 doors and some jobs are more than 50…what is an effective and efficient way to address this issue…Super Stackers….we do not use a lot of drying racks…the Super Stacker has its own built in drying rack.  Another awesome feature about Super Stackers is the rigid plastic construction which enables you to screw additional wood blocking for shipping purposes and will NOT affect the quality of their design.  The Super Stackers are also very affordable to ship to your installer on site for easy handling and distribution.

www.doorfinishing.com provides excellent customer service with design and shipping. 
They truly understand the needs of a finish department.  Our cabinetmakers, finishers and shippers really love the function of the Super Stackers.”

John Casciato, Allegheny Millwork, Pittsburgh PA

“Super Stackers have saved the day for us in so many instances when we needed to continue spraying and needed room….. But when we were spraying these shutter blinds it wasn’t about space but about being able to apply even coats at all angles. We pride ourselves on our quality work and Super Stackers were the tool of the project!”

Cliff Davis Painting, Inc.

“I have seen Super Stackers for several years but never thought we really needed them. Finally, mostly out of desperation, I got 10 pairs. We immediately filled them, saw how useful and efficient they were and I went right down and got 15 more pairs. Our speed in finishing doors easily doubled and the quality improved immeasurably. The speed came from reduced handling, we could spray both sides with only one move.

The improved quality came as a result of no over-spray, the bottom of the door was still wet so it absorbed all the over-spray that might have drifted around. The stackers also saved us space, the only thing that limits how tall you can stack (in one pile) is how tall you are. If you finish even a few doors Super Stackers are worth every penny. They pay for themselves in a couple of jobs. Thank you for a product that’s worth the money.”

Bill Poch – Owner of D.B.Woodwork 1/7/13

“I’ve used Super Stackers for a few years now. The time and space that they save helped increase our production in the shop. They are easy to use and made transporting finished doors much safer. Super Stackers made my business more profitable and I would recommend them to any painter.”

Eric Thorness – Owner of Thorness and Sons Painting 11/19/12

“Super Stackers are a great space saving tool for spraying and drying doors, while preventing contamination.”

Hogie – Owner of HISBIZ in Somers, MT 11/20/12

“My company has been using Super Stackers for about 6 years now. They help us to be more productive when finishing doors and really help maximize space no matter what size door project we are doing. Absolutely a great investment!!”

Cheney Cook – Cook Painting Inc. 11/20/12

“I have a small painting company in Vancouver, Canada. I was on youtube checking out painting techniques, (never assume your the best), when I came upon a clip of a company in Idaho spraying doors. They were using your product, so I did a little research and found you online. I have seen, but not tested other door stacker style hardware out there. Once I watched the video and just how easy it was to use, I was sold. I ordered up a set of 10. Not only were they easy to install and remove, they made the whole process way smoother and faster.

No longer did I have to worry about runs or other workers on site, knocking over your doors nailed together at the top. Dominoing doors is not a good thing to see. All my staff appreciated the fact I bought them and it turns out a better product as well as takes up way less room on the job site. Thanks for saving me time.”

Kevin Jamieson – Owner K&S Pro Painting. 7/29/13